Discover the future of temperature measurement probes for bio-waste

Measure the temperature of your waste piles even in the most corrosive environments using the most robust probes for bio-waste.

Our Tango XN monitoring probes for bio-waste

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The ideal probes for bio-waste management

cm deep, in compliance with legislation

years average life span



Tango XN: technology concentrated

Our Tango XN probes for bio-waste have been specially developed to simplify your day-to-day life.

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Quick installation

One can Install the probes quickly in windrows or piles of bio-waste and benefit from simple and efficient handling.

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A wireless solution for green waste management

Stop struggling with knots and cable breaks. The Tango XN probe’s smart wireless technology revolutionizes temperature measurement.

Built to withstand any conditions

Choose the most robust probes for bio-waste on the market, designed to withstand the most corrosive environments over the long term.

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Easily recognizable

Spot the Tango XN probe in the middle of your windrow even in low light, thanks to its recognizable fluorescent yellow color.

Larger size

Measure the temperature of your windrow up to two meters deep, in line with current standards in waste management industry.

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What type of waste can be measured?

Our solution is the ideal tool to accurately measure the temperature of all your waste.

Compost and green waste

Periskop offers the best solution on the market to measure, analyze and optimize your bio-waste transformation process. Certifying the quality of your compost has never been easier.

Recyclable waste

Anticipate any abnormal temperature variation and control the temperature of your piles in real time. Controlling the quality of your production process is as easy as pie!

All other waste

When it comes to waste recovery, Periskop is on the ball. Our probes are designed to measure the temperature of all types of waste (sludge, ash, peat, etc.), including the most corrosive.

Our probes appeal to professionals

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Citation avis client

Aurélien Jolivet (in charge of composting platforms in Brittany): “Periskop perfectly meets the needs and requirements of the regulations. There is no need to train operators, and it saves a lot of time without tedious installation.
Sede Environnement (Veolia)

The case of Veolia

Discover why Veolia chose Periskop to equip the vast majority of its composting sites.

Do you have a question about Periskop?

If you still haven’t found all the answers to your questions, our FAQs can help you out! Browse, search, and find what you are looking for.

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Are your probes guaranteed?

All our probes are available with a service contract that includes the maintenance of your probes during their entire life cycle, their replacement and their recycling. You are guaranteed a functional system at all times.

How often do Periskop probes measure the temperature?

Periskop measures the temperature of your swaths once an hour: the ideal frequency to follow the temperature of your swaths over time and in real time.

Can I put Periskop probes in liquid?

Our probes are made of stainless steel to withstand all types of corrosive material. If your production process involves liquid, there will be no problem using our solution. However, the probe handle is not as resistant, so you must position it correctly to ensure it works well.

Are the probes easy to install in windrows?

Yes, the Tango XN probes with their long, beveled thermometer are designed to ensure a quick and snag-free installation in your swaths.

How often should I consider changing my probes?

Periskop’s Tango XN probes are expected to withstand approximately three years of intensive use in corrosive environments. According to our customers, they are the most robust probes they have tested to date.

What probe length should I choose?

Periskop’s probes are either 100 or 200 centimeters long, depending on the legislation in force in your country. To choose the type of probe you want for your farm, it is important to take into account three parameters: the height of your windrows, the legislation of your country and the depth at which you want to measure the temperature of your compost.

What materials are used in Periskop probes?

Tango XN probes are essentially made of stainless steel specially treated to withstand intensive use in corrosive environments for a long time.

Is it possible to read the temperature directly on the Periskop probes?

To make our probes as sturdy as possible and maximize their life span, we chose not to display the temperature directly on our Tango XN probes. However, you can view the temperature measured by each individual probe anywhere and at any time from your Periskop application.

How many probes can I have per reader?

One base station can read up to 200 probes and one plant can be equipped with several base stations.

Should the probes be calibrated?

We use digital probes that do not require calibration. This is a considerable advantage over analog probes that have a significant temperature drift over time. Periskop brings you accurate data, all the time.

What is the recommended space between the probes?

The recommended distance between 2 probes is 3 to 5 meters.

Which part of the Periskop probe measures the temperature?

For accurate temperature measurements at depth, the measurements are taken directly from the beveled thermometer of the probes to avoid smoldering and to give you a more accurate idea of what is happening in the heart of your swaths.

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