Secure and optimize your compost and green waste production

Do you work in the field of compost and bio-waste composting? Rely on Periskop to control the temperature of your windrows and warn you if a problem arises.

  • Get your compost and green waste certified
  • Optimize your compost quality
  • Monitor and secure your production 24/7
Application de suivi de compost et déchets de verts

They can’t do without Periskop

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A solution designed for…

Les collectivités territoriales

Local authorities

Town councils, federations of municipalities and other public authorities with compost and green waste recovery operations at a local level.

Les acteurs privés du compostage

Private composting organizations

Composting plants, anaerobic digesters and other private organizations addressing important environmental and economic issues.

Les majors de l'industrie

Key industry players

Green waste management and utilities management groups with a large number of facilities in France and abroad.

You are going to love Periskop!

Its robust Tango XN probes combined with a high-performance temperature monitoring application make Periskop the most comprehensive temperature measurement solution on the market.

  • Peace of mind

    Consult temperature changes in your compost and windrows at any time, even remotely. With Periskop, you can finally have peace of mind.

  • Highly simplified rollout

    At Periskop, we focus on keeping things simple. Enjoy a turnkey solution that is easy to roll out and use on a daily basis.

  • Guaranteed legal compliance

    Choose Periskop to meet regulatory requirements regarding temperature measurement for your operations.

  • Ultra-resistant wireless probes

    Choose Periskop wireless probes for the most resistant technology available. They are suitable for all environments and have a longer lifespan, even in the most corrosive areas.

  • An intuitive application

    Expect more than just temperature measurement: dashboards, summaries, alerts in the event of danger… your day-to-day will never be the same again.

  • A solution that is compatible with your management system

    Use Periskop and enhance your existing management system with our universal API.

Say hello to simplicity

Periskop pushes the boundaries of simplicity. Our wireless probes and ultra-intuitive application heighten your vigilance and help you take control of your production.

  • Revolutionary probes

    Optimize your processing operations and monitor your compost and bio-waste temperature thanks to the sturdiness and precision of Periskop probes.

  • An ultra-intuitive application

    Get early warnings of suspicious temperature changes during composting and analyze results with the app’s many customizable tools and dashboards.


of French composting plants already rely on Periskop

fires prevented each year

Tango XN probes already in use

customers throughout Europe

Why trust us?

With sound experience in temperature measurement, Periskop is committed to meeting all your needs.

Ultra-simple technology

Periskop is designed as an ultra-intuitive solution that is easy to roll out and use on a day-to-day basis.

Unmatched durability

Periskop Tango XN probes are renowned for their sturdiness and durability over time, even in the most corrosive environments.

6 years’ experience in composting

Periskop knows and understands all the issues related to composting.

Expert Periskop

300 customers already use Periskop

Over 300 composting plants throughout Europe have been testing and approving Periskop for many years.

Regular updates

The application is regularly updated to keep up with legal developments in the market.

An ultra-accessible solution

The ideal solution to measure the temperature of your windrows at any time, wherever you are.

They already use our solution

Why don’t you?

Avis de client
Citation avis client

We have saved a lot of time compared to manual probes where you have to extract the results every time. This real-time service is great.

Creusot Montceau Recyclage

Read feedback from Gille, site manager at Veolia

To ensure our production’s compliance and meet increasing numbers of control standards, we had been looking for a new measuring system for…

Do you have a question about Periskop?

If you still haven’t found all the answers to your questions, our FAQs are here to help! Browse, search, and find what you’re looking for.

Les sondes de Periskop sont-elles adaptées pour les milieux de fermentation fermés ?

Les sondes Tango XN sont conçues pour fonctionner aussi bien dans un environnement de compostage ouvert que dans du compostage en box et donc fermé.

Can Periskop probes stay in compost permanently?

Yes, our probes are designed and engineered to withstand the most extreme environments for a long time. Enjoy unbeatable performance and durability for five years of heavy use, all being well.

Does Periskop keep up with evolving control standards?

Yes, we monitor your sector daily to keep abreast of regulatory developments. We then update the application to ensure your operations continue to comply in all circumstances.

How much time will your solution save me?

Periskop saves you from taking manual measurements every day and every hour. Your time saving is therefore considerable. Have reliable measurements while avoiding exposing your employees to various dangers (gas, climbing on swaths).

With Periskop you optimize windrow turning time thanks to real-time temperature measurement. This saves time but also money. Indeed, any unnecessary turning is a burden for your company. Periskop helps you optimize your production costs.

Do you have a consultant in my area?

Wherever you are, a consultant will be on hand. If you give us your contact details, we can help you find the best solution for your needs.

Can the base station be placed outdoors?

Yes, the player can be placed outdoors. However, we recommend that it be protected from rain and wind.

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