Optimize the transformation of your bio-waste with real-time temperature monitoring probes

Periskop is the best compost monitoring system on the market to measure the temperature of your waste. Robust, simple and intuitive, with a unique user experience. Periskop wireless temperature probes for compost offer real-time temperature insights.

Biowaste temperature monitor
Solution Periskop

More than a temperature tracking application

Our application does not only follow the evolution of the temperature of the stored waste. Thanks to its many features, it allows you to gain in production quality and profitability.

Get your compost certified

Optimize the management of your compost and green waste with our application: windrow modeling, batch tracking, composting phase tracking, traceability reports…

View your operating site from your dashboard

Take advantage of a dashboard with advanced functionalities to allow you to have a global vision of your entire operation at a glance

Receive real time alerts

In case of an abnormal temperature rise that could jeopardize your production, Periskop alerts you so that you can act instantly.

An ultra-intuitive application

Wherever you are, consult the evolution of the temperature of your waste in real time from your smartphone.


Innovative temperature probes for compost

Equip yourself with wireless temperature probes suitable for all types of environments, even the most corrosive.


Hundreds of reassured customers

Forget the stress of regulatory compliance and fire hazards. Focus on what really matters: growing your business.


They already trust Periskop

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The new standard in temperature monitoring for bio-waste

Our compost monitoring solution combines the robustness of Tango XN probes with the accuracy of its real-time temperature monitoring application.

Comply with health authority requirements

Using our temperature montioring probes for compost means you have the assurance you are meeting the demands  set forth by health authrorites.

Say goodbye to temperature rises

Receive an immediate alert on your mobile in case of abnormal temperature rise and be able to act quickly.

Simplify your life

With our wireless and connected solution for composting, forget about wasting time with manual measurements.

An ultra-intuitive application

For an ideal user experience, our application was designed with one thing in mind: to make your life easier.

Application Periskop
  • A simple and intuitive user interface
  • An application adapted to all devices
  • Advanced and customizable tracking features

Details of the features


Follow the composting phases

Thanks to the Periskop compost temperature monitoring application, follow the evolution of the different composting phases and easily obtain your certifications.


Simplify the life of your teams

Let your employees benefit from a powerful, simple and intuitive technology and make it easy for them to measure temperatures.


Be alerted in case of danger

Keep your mind at ease in all circumstances and receive an alert on your smartphone in case of abnormal temperature rise.

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Take advantage of accurate data

Periskop not only measures the temperature of your waste, but also analyzes it and gives you valuable information about its evolution.

The ultimate solution for all types of biowaste

Periskop is the ideal tool to accurately measure the temperature of all your waste.

Compost and green waste

Periskop offers the best solution on the market to measure, analyze and optimize your biowaste and green waste transformation process. Certifying the quality of your compost has never been easier.

Recyclable waste

Anticipate any abnormal temperature variation and control the temperature of your compost piles in real time. Controlling the quality of your production process is as easy as pie!

All other waste

When it comes to waste recovery, Periskop is on the ball. Our probes are designed to measure the temperature of all types of waste (sludge, ash, peat, etc.), including the most corrosive.

Heavy-duty temperature probes for compost

Forget about traditional probes. Our Tango XN probes have been designed to withstand all types of biowaste, even the most corrosive.

Sondes ultra robustes
  • High-performance wireless technology
  • A quick and efficient installation
  • A probe designed for the most extreme environments

They don’t do without Periskop anymore

Dozens of customers already trust Periskop. What about us? When do we work together?


of French composting facilities are already equipped with Periskop. Why not you ?

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There are no more situations like: “Damn, I forgot to record the temperatures”. It’s done by itself! It gives us a comfort in our work and above all a rigor that reassures the authorities a lot.”
Valor Biocompost


of our customers avoid losing their production thanks to our security alerts.


Discover Periskop in real conditions


Who is behind Periskop?

Meet Nadine, our founder and all the other members of our team who work every day to advance the field of biowaste.

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