Our ultra-efficient temperature monitoring application

Our ultra-efficient temperature monitoring application was designed with your needs in mind, to address all your production management issues.

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Why use our App?

  • An application that is accessible from anywhere, at any time
  • A comprehensive and intuitive interface
  • Secure Data
  • Regular updates
Génération de rapports

Create reports in just a few clicks

Two clicks. That’s all you need to access the multitude of information collected by our temperature monitoring application: track batches and composting phases, get traceability reports, optimize your compost turning periods, etc.

Monitor temperature changes in application

Monitor and optimize temperature management right at the heart of your windrows, from anywhere at any time.

Suivi de l'évolution de la température
Suivi des phases

Set up monitoring for each of your waste transformation phases

Simply set the parameters for monitoring each transformation phase. Track each cycle accurately and optimize your bio-waste transformation.

Customize your own alert thresholds

Set the temperatures in application above which the risk of fire is high for your operations and receive alerts on your app and by SMS.

Seuils d'alerte
Partage de données

Share your data with your teams

Give your employees easy access to data and empower them to act quickly in an emergency.

Use Periskop on all media

Experience an application designed for all types of screen: whether you are on a computer, tablet or phone, take full advantage of all Periskop’s features.

Tous supports

Enjoy interoperability

Synchronize Periskop with your management system using our interoperable API.

They have tried our solution

Rodolphe Arlot
Technical referent at Sede Environnement
“Thanks to Periskop, there is no longer a ‘temperature and fire safety compliance’ issue »

Stefan Groß
Production Controller-Neocomp
“This system gives us a sense of security, especially on hot weekends”

Valor Biocompost

There are no more situations like, “Darn, I forgot to record the temperatures”

Do you have a question about Quanturi?

Check out our FAQs to find the answer to your question.

Je n’ai pas internet sur mon exploitation, comment faire ?

Le lecteur Mobile de Periskop n’a pas besoin d’Internet pour fonctionner. En passant par le réseau mobile (2G et 4G) il est capable de transférer les informations mesurées par les sondes directement sur votre application sans passer par le réseau Internet.

Can I export the data in excel format?

With Periskop you can export all the data collected and the different analyses (temperature history, traceability report, etc.) in CSV format. This data can be used with most management systems.

What is the maximum distance between the mobile reader and the probes?

Initially the distance between the Mobile Reader and the Tango XN probes is a maximum of 200 meters. However, we can provide a signal repeater to extend the communication distance between the two entities.

Do I need to download anything to my phone?

The choice is yours! The ultra-intuitive Periskop application is available at https://quanturi.app and can be accessed at any time from any device such as your smartphone, computer, or tablet.

Can several people log in to the same account?

We think it is important for your employees to be able to access your temperature measurement data. So we have made it possible for several people to log in to the same account, thus minimizing your response times in the event of a fire outbreak.

Can I locate my probes from the application?

The Periskop application enables you to create an accurate model of the position of your windrows at your plant, providing an overall view of your operations. You can view the position of each of your Tango XN probes in your different compost storage areas.

Can I customize the alert levels according to the probes and the processes to which they are linked?

Yes, the settings provided by your Periskop application enable you to manage each of your probes individually and customize your alert settings according to the process they are located in.

Can you train me to use the application?

If needed, a consultant will guide you through the installation and use of the system. We also have video tutorials available.

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