All-round technology for temperature measurement for bulk commodities

Our solution is designed for all types of commodities and waste, from sludge and ash to almond husks, cotten seeds and grain. If your activity requires accurate temperature measurement, Periskop waste temperature sensors are the solution you need.

  • Get your production process certified
  • Keep a constant eye on the temperature of your stock
  • Make life easier for your teams
Logiciel de mesure des températures des déchets

Periskop has become their best friend

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Who is this solution for?

Aux entreprises spécialisées

Companies specializing

in storage or processing of fermentable materials and by-products. Meet all the requirements of authorities regarding temperature measurement.

Les majors de l'industrie

Key industry players

who want to limit the risk of fire, streamline their temperature measurement processes and optimize their waste transformation production.

Why is Periskop made for you?

Its robust probes combined with a high-performance monitoring application make Periskop the most comprehensive temperature measurement solution on the market.

  • Peace of mind

    By choosing Periskop, you choose the best technology to monitor your fermentable material stock. In the event of a dangerous rise in temperature, our smart solution alerts you in real time.

  • Highly simplified rollout

    To make your life really easy, we have chosen to offer you the simplest solution possible. Periskop has it all: simple, intuitive, turnkey, easy to roll out, easy to use.

  • Guaranteed legal compliance

    We know that you have to comply with many standards. That’s why we have developed a solution that meets all the requirements of control authorities regarding temperature measurement on your site.

  • Wireless and resistant probes

    Periskop probes are wireless probes specially designed to withstand corrosive environments for much longer.

  • An intuitive application

    Periskop is not just a temperature measurement application, it’s a valuable diagnostic tool to analyze your production processes. Its intuitive interface provides a dashboard, traceability reports, the history of your temperatures, and more.

  • A comprehensive solution

    The wireless monitoring system enables you to monitor your compost temperature continuously and in real time, ensuring you optimize the process of transforming bio-waste into compost.

An innovative solution

Periskop goes much further than simple temperature readings. Our Tango XN probes and ultra-intuitive monitoring application provide reliable real-time analytical data and ensure you comply with legal requirements.

  • Unbeatable probes

    The Tango XN wireless monitoring system allows you to monitor the temperature at the heart of your windrows continuously and in real time, wherever you are.

  • An ultra-intuitive application

    Periskop takes temperature measurement to another level. Our application allows you to monitor and analyze temperature changes at the heart of your windrows.

Tango XN probes already in use


of our customers receive a safety alert each year

customers throughout Europe

Why trust us?

With sound experience in temperature measurement, Periskop is committed to meeting all your needs.

Ultra-simple technology

Periskop is designed as an ultra-intuitive solution that is easy to roll out and use on a day-to-day basis.

A robust system 

Periskop supplies the most robust probes on the market. Their sturdiness and durability over time, even in the most corrosive environments, are unbeatable.

6 years’ experience in waste management

The Periskop adventure began over six years ago. Today, we don’t just measure temperature. Our solution has evolved to meet all our customers’ needs.

Periskop, solution de surveillance et sécurité

A tried and tested solution

Periskop already works with hundreds of customers in Europe. Our solution has been tested and approved by its users for many years!

Regular updates

Periskop is regularly updated to keep up with increasingly stringent standards and to continue to meet your specifications.

An ultra-accessible solution

Wherever you are, whatever the time of day or night, measure the temperature of your windrows with Periskop smart temperature sensors. Sleep soundly at last.

They already use our solution

You too can go for it!

Avis de client
Citation avis client

The waste temperature monitoring sensors meets all the requirements we had. The system is very simple to use and easy to learn without having to read detailed instructions.

Stefan Groß – Neocomp
Production Controller – Germany

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To ensure our production’s compliance and meet increasing numbers of control standards, we had been looking for a new measuring system for…

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