How does Periskop help you control the temperature of your windrows?

With its robust temperature measurement probes and ultra-efficient monitoring application, Periskop uses powerful wireless technology to make your life easier.

Fonctionnement de Periskop

Wireless probes

Smart probes are the driving force behind our solution. They measure the temperature of your windrows before transmitting them to the base station.

Mobile base station

The base station then transmits the information received by the probes to the monitoring application by transferring it to the cloud.

Powerful monitoring application

Once it receives the data, the application communicates it to you via a clear and comprehensive interface: dashboards, alerts, temperature history, etc.

Discover our temperature measurement probes

Tango XN probes are wireless temperature measurement probes. Renowned for being easy to install and recognizable by their fluorescent yellow color, they are revolutionizing the temperature measurement probe market.

  • Get more out of our Tango XN probes, which are specially designed to last, even in the most extreme environments.
  • Start using Periskop quickly thanks to its easy handling and simple and efficient features.
  • Their bright yellow color makes Tango XN probes easy to spot in the middle of your windrows, stockpiles and waste piles.
Sondes Periskop

All our smart probes


Our incredible Tango XN probes

The mobile base station

Thanks to its integrated SIM card, the mobile base station receives information sent by the temperature measurement probes in real time. It then processes this data and sends it to the cloud, where it is retrieved and processed by our monitoring application.

  • Take advantage of a turnkey solution: our mobile base station comes with a SIM card pre-programmed by our teams.
  • Use your mobile base station even when the network is weak (it supports 2G and 4G).

Our temperature monitoring application

Periskop’s temperature monitoring application is the interface through which all information is revealed to you. Intuitive and easy to use, it has a number of features to help you manage your day-to-day production processes.

Historique de mesures

Get all your past temperature measurements

Our monitoring application provides you with accurate, real-time temperature data on your windrows, stockpiles and waste piles, enabling you to view its evolution over time.

Monitor each composting phase

You can choose specific monitoring features for your fermentation, sanitation, and maturation phases. Program a more precise follow-up of your phases and accelerate the transformation process of your bio-waste.

Suivi des phases

Certify your production

Generate accurate reports of temperature evolution in your production processes. Export this data to prove your operations’ compliance and qualify for certifications.

Use our application on all your media

Consult temperature changes from anywhere, at any time, by taking our application with you on your computer, tablet, phone, or other device.

Application tous supports
Partage de données

Share your data with your teams

Provide quick and easy access to all your employees so that they too can access temperature measurement data and act quickly in the event of an alert.

Map your site

Rename each of your Tango XN probes and produce a precise map of your site, with storage areas marked out according to the type of waste or maturation process used.

Seuils d'alertes

Customize your alert thresholds

You can set the thresholds above which you want to be alerted, according to your operations.

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