At the heart of Periskop lies an ambitious and committed team

Periskop was developed by Quanturi, a Finnish company founded in 2016. Pioneers in smart solutions for precision agriculture, we strive every day to bring the best of technology to the recycling and waste recovery industry. We have one thing in mind: helping our customers build a better world.

Periskop - Qui sommes-nous ?

An international team

Our Solution is the result of day-to-day work by a team of enthusiasts based all over the world: France, Finland, Germany, the United States and Australia. We are at your service everywhere!

Equipe internationale
Equipe internationale

Finnish quality

All Periskop products are designed and developed in Finland, where the brand is headquartered, with just one idea in mind: to provide our customers with high-quality solutions.

Collective awareness

As well as wanting to help those who are fighting for our future, our entire team is committed to climate action, with the aim of making Periskop a vital player in the waste recovery chain.
Equipe internationale
Equipe internationale

Long-standing experience

Since 2016, Periskop has been dedicated to making your experience a little better every day.

Periskop in numbers

Periskop in figures

dedicated employees at your service

customers in our portfolio

tons of waste monitored each year

What we believe in

Discover the values that drive us every day.

We are convinced that waste is the resource of tomorrow

Every year, our society produces two billion tons of waste. By recovering this waste, we can switch to a new way of thinking that is more responsible and more sustainable.

We know that the pursuit of profitability will drive the sustainability of our industry

By helping market players to become more productive, we help to develop a positive waste management approach for our planet.

We make the safety of our operations and our employees a priority

Our customers operate in difficult and risky environments, both for their personnel and their equipment. Our solutions safeguard the future of our customers, their organizations and their employees.

We believe that easy user experience boosts take-up

A good solution is a solution that is used. To encourage our customers to adopt Periskop, we make it a point of honor to simplify the user experience as much as possible.

We place reliability at the heart of our business

We build solutions that save lives and businesses. We have no room for error. When everything seems to be falling apart, our solutions have to stay standing.
Periskop is first and foremost a people-focused adventure. Our ambition is to help create a better world for future generations.


Nadine Pesonen

CEO of the Quanturi Group